Field trip in Kenya - Victor Mateevitsi | PhD student, Maker, Inventor, Entrepreneur | Human Augmented
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Field trip in Kenya

10 Jan Field trip in Kenya

For the 2012 Spring Semester I registered with the Computational Ecology class taught by Tanya Berger-Wolf, which got me to the Mpala Research Center and Wildlife Foundation at Mpala, Kenya. The class was co-taught with Princeton Professors Dan Rubenstein and Iain Couzin, on the  Kenyan Savannah. For my class project, I studied acacia tree ants (which bite!), examining four different ant species that have a symbiotic relationship with the acacia tree. Working with Princeton biologists, we collected data about the species and number of ants on a tree colony and created visualizations to map the colony and help ecologists analyze the data.

More pictures to come.


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