Field trip in Kenya

For the 2012 Spring Semester I registered with the Computational Ecology class taught by Tanya Berger-Wolf, which got me to the Mpala Research Center and Wildlife Foundation at Mpala, Kenya. The class …

10 January 2012


The OmegaDesk: towards a hybrid 2D and 3D work desk

OmegaDesk is a device that allows for seamless interaction between 2D and 3D content. In order to develop this hybrid device, a new form of Operating System is needed to manage and display …

26 September 2011


John Snow’s Interactive Cholera Map

In 1854 in the Soho district of London there was a severe cholera outbreak, famously known as The 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak, taking the lives of 616 people. While the bacterium was isolated …

1 September 2009


A game-engine based virtual museum authoring and presentation system

In this paper we present a system that facilitates virtual museum development and usage. The system is based on a game engine, ensuring thus minimal cost and good performance, and includes provisions …

10 September 2008


Video index and search services based on content identification …

In this paper we examine the methodology, architectural issues and preliminary statistical results for identifying the presence and position of a given query clip within a massive collection of video …

31 March 2008


World Cup Ice Hockey Qualifiers

Without an ice-rink for years and by personally funding most of our equipment and practices, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) decided in 2008 to allow us to participate in the Qualifiers …

17 February 2008


Family visit is over. Mom and dad ✈️ back to 🇷🇴
10 Oct
🚧 Basement gym almost done. Drywall is up. Thanks dad!
9 Oct
🎉 Launched VIS/HCI deadline page
8 Oct
🎉 First steak 🍖 on the new BBQ. Delicious!
7 Oct

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