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PixarRound_smallCurrently a PhD candidate at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago, I am focusing my research on exploring, designing and evaluating novel human augmentation techniques facilitated by technology. Aiming to overcome challenges of human computer interaction in the emerging technologies of wearable computers and human augmentation devices, and to improve quality of life for individuals with disabilities, I draw on a diverse set of skills, including scientific visualization, computer graphics, human computer interaction, electronics, sensors, fabrication and computer vision, in a field that is versed in Computer Science, Bioengineering, Psychology and Psychophysics.

I believe in ubiquitous technology’s potential to enhance the human experience, enabling faster non-biologically evolution as a species.


Electronic Visualization Laboratory

University of Illinois at Chicago

842 W. Taylor St., Room 2032

Chicago, IL 60607

[email protected]

 +1 (312) 996 3002



  • 12 Jun Off to Greece

  • 13 May Graduated!

  • 16 Mar Rainbowed.us Launched

  • 02 Mar mHUB Grand Opening

  • 16 Feb SBDC Client Showcase

  • 01 Jan Happy New Year!

  • 07 Sep Chicago Innovation Awards Reception

  • 06 Sep Image of Research Winner

  • 12 May Infinity Labs Incorporated

  • 08 Apr TEDx talk

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