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(2014) National Geographic Kids – Weird But True! Ripped from the Headlines. – Set your “Spidey Sense” tingling. page 56. National Geographic Children’s Books. ISBN: 978-1-4263-1514-5

Magazines, Newspapers

(2015) How It Works: Get your SpiderSense tingling. Issue 72 (April)

(2014) CAP Today: Software expands on ‘what you see is what you get. Vol. 28, No. 11 (November)

(2014) Technologist: Augmented Human – Spidersense. Edition 1, English Version (July)

(2014) Crain’s Chicago Business: 20 in their 20s. Vol. 37, No. 18 (May 5)

(2014) UIC News: EVL’s SpiderSense suit grabs attention of National Geographic. Vol. 34 No 6 (October 1)

(2014) UIC News: Seeing future of technology in test of Google Glass. Vol. 33 No. 20 (February 12)

(2013) UIC News: Virtual reality apprenticeships. Cover page. Vol. 32 No 13 (November 20)

(2013) UIC News: Technology’s faces of the future. Cover page. Vol. 32 No. 12 (November 12)

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(2013) UIC News: With student invention, not seeing is believing. Cover page. Vol. 31 No. 27 (April 10)

(2013) New Scientist: Virtual Reality creates infinite maze in a single room. Vol. 217, No. 2911 (April 06)

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(2013) UIC News: Quotable. Vol. 31. No. 22 (February 27)

(2013) New Scientist: Spidey-Sense Suit Tingles When Someone Gets Too Close. Vol. 217. No. 2905 (February 23)


(10.12.15) MIT Technology Review: Microsoft Researchers Are Working on Multi-Person Virtual Reality

(02.27.15) ChicagoInno: Innovation U: Celebrating the City’s Entrepreneurial Pipeline [Event Recap]

(02.19.15) UIC News: And the Oscar goes to … Larry Hornbeck

(02.17.15) ChicagoInno: Innovation U: Introducing Chicago Inno’s Next Meetup, Presented by the CIE
(11.17.14) CAP Today: Software expands on ‘what you see is what you get

(10.08.14) ChicagoInno: Are Your Spidey Senses Tingling? This Wearable Tech Lets You Sense When Obstacles Are Near

(10.06.14) UIC News: EVL’s SpiderSense suit grabs National Geographic’s attention (October 6)

(01.06.14) National Geographic Kids: Weird But True! Ripped from the Headlines

(05.06.14) The Biz Loft Magazine (IT): SpiderSense: una giacca dai super poteri

(05.04.14) Crain’s Chicago Business: 20 in their 20s

(02.11.14) UIC News: Seeing future of technology in Google Glass

(01.03.14) NewsMonkey (BE): Deze science fictions werden realiteit in 2013
(12.03.13) BuzzFeed: 21 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2013
(11.19.13) UIC News: Middle-school kids create a virtual future in 3-D
(11.12.13) UIC News: Computer science students among ‘Fifty for Future’
(09.19.13) New Scientist: Colour-changing clothes could make tech fashionable

(06.19.13) Deadline: Academy Science and Technology Council Names 2013 Interns

(06.18.13) New Scientist: Virtual reality display lets fire crews see in blaze
(04.17.13) UIC News: UIC computer science student interns at Pixar

(04.12.13) (PRC): 虚拟现实技术将实现有限空间创建“无限迷宫”

(04.09.13) UIC News: With student invention, not seeing is believing
(04.05.13) New Scientist: Virtual reality creates infinite maze in a single room
(03.24.13) The Globe and Mail (CA): Scientists (finally) build Spider-Man suit with ‘SpiderSense’
(03.18.13) ACM Tech News: Superhero Science: UIC Students Build ‘SpiderSense’ Suit

(03.13.13) Medill Reports Chicago: Superhero Science: UIC students build ‘SpiderSense’ suit
(03.11.13) Gizmag: SpiderSense suit delivers superhuman perception

(03.10.13) Stuttgarter Zeitung (DE): Technik für die Sinne

(03.04.13) An ninh Thủ đô (VN): Quân đội Mỹ sẽ phát triển trang phục “Giác quan thứ sáu”?

(03.03.13) This suit could have soldiers saying “my spider sense is tingling”

(03.01.13) SpiderSense: a Suit That Gives Man a ‘Spider Sense’

(02.28.13) Europa Press (ES): Un traje permite recrear el sentido arácnido de Spider-Man

(02.28.13) Defense Tech: Researcher develops Spidey-sense suit
(02.27.13) CNET: Feel like Spidey in a real-life spider-sense suit
(02.27.13) UIC News: Quotable
(02.27.13) Europa Press (ES): Científicos elaboran un traje que recrea el ‘sentido arácnido’

(02.27.13) WP Facet (PL): Sztuczny “zmysł pająka”

(02.26.13) Wired Magazine: Spider-Man Physics: How Real Is the Superhero?

(02.26.13) Mother Nature Network: High-tech Spider-Man suit gives you real-life ‘spidey sense’

(02.26.13) Digital Trends: We can all be Peter Parker: New suit gives wearer ‘SpiderSense’

(02.25.13) (NL): SpiderSense-pak laat je je omgeving voelen

(02.25.2013) (GR): Απόκτησε τις υπερδυνάμεις του Spiderman… φορώντας τη στολή του

(02.24.13) Gizmodo (FR): Enfin une vraie combinaison de super-héros

(02.24.13) Gizmodo (DE): Kräfte wie Spider-Man: Ganzkörperanzug verleiht Spinnen

(02.24.13) Gizmodo (AU): You Can Be A Real Superhero With This Spider-Sense Robot Suit

(02.24.13) New York Daily News: Scientists create ‘Spider-Man’ suit that gives wearers superhero’s 2013 ‘spider sense’

(02.24.13) (GR): Η στολή του Spiderman που σε κάνει… spiderman!

(02.23.13) Forbes: This Suit Gives You A Real Life Spider-Sense

(02.23.13) The Verge: SpiderSense ultrasound suit gives wearers a sixth sense

(02.23.13) Gizmodo: You Can Be a Real Superhero With This Crazy Spider-Sense Robot Suit

(02.23.13) Engadget: SpiderSense ultrasonic radar suit lets you know when danger is near

(02.23.13) Engadget (DE): SpiderSense ultrasonic radar suit lets you know when danger is near

(02.23.13) TechnoBuffalo: Amazing SpiderSense Suit Lets You “Feel” Nearby Objects

(02.23.13) Wearable display meets blindfold test for sensing danger

(02.23.13) Adevarul (RO): Un nou pas spre omul bionic: costumul care ne transformă în omul 2013 păianjen

(02.23.13) (TR): Örümcek Hisleri Gerçek Oluyor

(02.22.13) Mashable: Body Suit Gives You Real-Life ‘Spider Sense

(02.22.13) The Mary Sue: Grad Student Creates His Own Working Spider-Man Suit

(02.22.13) Daily Mail (UK): The suit that gives you ‘Spidey Sense’ just like Spider-Man by tingling when 2013 there is impeding danger
(02.22.13) New Scientist: Spidey-Sense Suit Tingles When Someone Gets Too Close

(02.22.13) Discovery News: Body Suit Gives You Real-Life Spidey-Sense

(02.15.12) Medill Reports Chicago: Chicago computer scientists develop tools to help ecologists in 2012 Kenya

(02.14.12) Medill Reports Chicago: Chicago virtual reality lab home to futuristic health class

Television, Radio, Podcast
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