World Cup Ice Hockey Qualifiers - Victor Mateevitsi | PhD student, Maker, Inventor, Entrepreneur | Human Augmented
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World Cup Ice Hockey Qualifiers

17 Feb World Cup Ice Hockey Qualifiers

Without an ice-rink for years and by personally funding most of our equipment and practices, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) decided in 2008 to allow us to participate in the Qualifiers for the Division III Ice Hockey World Championships. After training camps in Zlin, CZ and Pardubice, CZ, we traveled on February 17th to Sarajevo to compete for a spot on the World Championships.

We beat Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team 10 – 1 (which is also their National’s Team biggest defeat), and Armenia’s Team as well. After then end of the game with Armenia, it was found that they were playing with illegal players, and therefore the game was forfeited 0 – 5 to our gain.


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