Victor Mateevitsi wearing a HoloLens and holding Groku

I am a Computer Scientist at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility at the Argonne National Laboratory, founder and chair of ChicagoCHI and co-founder of PICKLE. I also consult startups and companies on HCI, UX, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and emerging technologies. When I am not working I play ice hockey, snowboard, sail, read, make things at Pumping Station: One, or develop future technologies, like SpiderSense.

My expertise lies in large-scale visualizations, and prototyping novel ways of interacting with next-gen technology, which sometimes means building hardware prototypes; at other times designing innovative User Experiences. I am agile and well versed in software and hardware development, as well as fabrication. Check the news page to see what I am up to, contact me for consulting projects, collaborations, or any questions you have. Find out more about me here.

I love crazy ideas, difficult problems and emerging technologies. Do you or your idea fit the profile? Let's work together, I can help!

I also love travelling, exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge. I have been a TEDx speaker and spoken to world-class conferences, like the Augmented World Exposition (AWE). I'd be honored to participate at your next panel, conference or event. Feel free to contact me.