The Blog Awakens

The Blog Awakens

January 15, 2016

I first started this website back in 2008 so I can strengthen my online presence. Since then this place has evolved from a single page with my information, to a portal with all my research, and finally now to a more dynamic entity. Thankfully, during the multiple iterations of it’s design and functionality, I saved a few screenshots of the evolution over the years. I am in the middle of re-organizing my files and backup solutions and once I am done, I will update this post and add those pictures.

My motivation of starting this blog is twofold: First I need a good excuse for writing more often. Over the past few years as a a PhD student I learned (the hard way) that the most difficult part of being a researcher is writing. You can be the best of the world, but if you cannot publish your results because of your inability to write well, your research is doomed. So my advice to fellow young graduate students is: write, write and write. Second, I want to get my thoughts, some of my results and my research faster out there and this platform will allow me to do exactly that.

Finally, some sad news to share. Antwan McBee, one of the students we mentored in 2013 during the SPARK apprenticeship has passed away on January 3rd. Antwan worked with us in creating a Fruit-Ninja clone that runs in the CAVE2 (above picture). Antwan was the victim of Chicago’s violence as he was shot while in his car. We are deeply saddened and shocked and we will always remember him as the clever, funny and very polite young kid that he was. It is unfair when the life of brilliant kids like Antwan is taken away and we pray that the violence will stop. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Antwan, I dedicate this blog to you.