The OmegaDesk: towards a hybrid 2D and 3D work desk

The OmegaDesk: towards a hybrid 2D and 3D work desk

OmegaDesk is a device that allows for seamless interaction between 2D and 3D content. In order to develop this hybrid device, a new form of Operating System is needed to manage and display heterogeneous content. In this paper we address the hardware and software requirements for such a system, as well as challenges. A set of heterogeneous applications has been successfully developed on OmegaDesk. They allowed us to develop a set of guidelines to drive future investigations into 2D/3D hybridized viewing and interaction.


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Febretti, Alessandro, Victor A. Mateevitsi, Dennis Chau, Arthur Nishimoto, Brad McGinnis, Jakub Misterka, Andrew Johnson, and Jason Leigh. "The OmegaDesk: towards a hybrid 2D and 3D work desk." In International Symposium on Visual Computing, pp. 13-23. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011.
Image credits: Lance Long, Electronic Visualization Laboratory


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