During the Spring 2013 semester, I collaborated with UIC students Tom Ryba and LSU students Margaret Fink and Johnathan Stansbury to create a game for the class. Our team, the Mudbug Studios, …

7 May 2013


Sensing the Environment through SpiderSense

Recent scientific advances allow the use of technology to expand the number of forms of energy that can be perceived by humans. Smart sensors can detect hazards that human sensors are unable to …

22 February 2013


Ice Hockey Game

My good friend and teammate George Kouleles was visiting me in Chicago, so we decided to hit the rink and shoot some pucks together. John Koufis, friend and teammate, joined us for the late rat-hockey …

21 November 2012


Scalable visual queries for data exploration on large, high-resolution …

As the scale and complexity of data continue to grow at unprecedented rates, scientists are increasingly relying on Large, High-Resolution Displays to visualize and analyze scientific datasets. …

12 November 2012


Field trip in Kenya

For the 2012 Spring Semester I registered with the Computational Ecology class taught by Tanya Berger-Wolf, which got me to the Mpala Research Center and Wildlife Foundation at Mpala, Kenya. The class …

10 January 2012


The OmegaDesk: towards a hybrid 2D and 3D work desk

OmegaDesk is a device that allows for seamless interaction between 2D and 3D content. In order to develop this hybrid device, a new form of Operating System is needed to manage and display …

26 September 2011


John Snow’s Interactive Cholera Map

In 1854 in the Soho district of London there was a severe cholera outbreak, famously known as The 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak, taking the lives of 616 people. While the bacterium was isolated …

1 September 2009